Jane Bernard to Appear on Joey Reynolds Show, WOR-AM Talk Radio 8/18 2am

Jane will appear on  the Joey Reynolds Show- WOR-AM at 2 am  early Friday morning 8/18 to discuss how people cope with difficult times speaking from the perspective of intuition and spirituality. She will be with Mark Matousek talking about her book, FINE TUNING and his new book, WHEN YOU’RE FALLING, DIVE!        Tune in and listen!

The Joey Reynolds Show on WOR and the WOR network is now the #1 Late Night Radio Talk Show in NY with a solid 8.0 share of the 12+ market and a 30 share of the 55+ market. We’re on Live in the New York Tri-State area from midnight to 1 AM and then we’re carried by 100 stations nationally from 1 AM to 5 AM. We have huge national ratings – about 4 million weekly listeners — and are heard at various times – Prime Time in Hawaii, for instance — by a large audience.  

 You can come to www.wor710.com and click on any Listen Now button to automatically hear a show or interview through your computer. You can also click on subscribe. If you subscribe to any of the WOR podcasts, any time a new show appears on their website, you will receive it automatically on your computer. You will be able to listen to it any time, any where on your computer or automatically sync it to your MP3 player (including your iPod) every time you dock it. In order to subscribe, you will need to download software like iTunes.


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