What is Intuition?

People ask me What is Intuition?  Do we all have it?

 The answer is YES!  Everyone is born with intuition, just like everyone is born with eyes, ears and sense of taste, touch and smell.  In fact intuition is our 6th sense.  Intuition is our internal personal guidance system.  It balances us and keeps us clear.  This is how it works: 

Our senses just do 2 things-  they give us pleasure or protection.  Our senses keep us in the present.  Our brain is where we store knowledge so everything in our brain is what we know what has already happened in the past. 

Our intuition takes the information we get from our 5 senses which are in touch with the present and balances it with the information we have stored in our brains and in our hearts and in this way empowers us with clarity and focus.

Our intuition shows us the opportunities that are in front of us.

Jane Bernard
Transitions Press

Connecting With Your Inner Power

Fine Tuning: Connecting With Your Inner Power


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